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Your computer's power:

Choose the highest power that your computer can run smoothly.

Higher power provides a better, deeper view.

Each power degree has its own scoreboard.

All power levels tested with an older e-machines
(AMD Athlon II X2 235e 2.7GHz, Radeon RX460 card).
Results: levels 4 & 5 good, smooth.
level 6, 7 playable, a bit choppy.
level 8 & up too choppy to play, but no crashes or freezes.
I'm curious to know if anyone has a
machine that can run power = 13 smoothly.

  • Up arrow key to Accelerate
  • Down arrow key to Decelerate
  • Move mouse to steer
For one handed control:
  • Right mouse button to Accelerate
  • Left mouse button to Decelerate
  • Move mouse to steer
"p" to pause, un-pause.
[space bar] to toggle view follows mouse.
(for faster/slower steering)

How far can you go?

Fly as fast as you can! Win by flying far.
Any direction. Your distance is your score.

Don't crash into obstacles: they slow you down.
Do scoop up fuel so you can fly further.

After about a minute the obstacles seem harder to avoid.
A little while later, you can see why.
You better slow down or you'll crash!


  • jquery -- thanks for easing DOM interactions.
  • Thanks especially to the creators of BabylonJS for their excellent 3D Engine!

Author's To do list August 31, 2018:
  • better scoreboard browsing
  • add discussion or comments
  • add player picture/avatar
  • monetize:
    • adds
    • subscription
    • in-app-purchases
    • donation
    • sell
    • ?

Early in game: go fast!

Later: getting crowded -> slow down, maneuver.